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the Uptown

the Uptown

Location: Vancouver, WA

Completed: In Progress

The Uptown is an approximately 235,000 sq ft proposed mixed-use development in downtown Vancouver.  An entire city block will be redeveloped to create a 6-story building with retail, 167 apartment units, and internal parking.  The vision is to cultivate a diversity of new uses that will complement the existing businesses and that will serve the resident population, as well as those working in and visiting the city center.

Located in the Uptown Village area of Vancouver, the ground level will have retail spaces along the entire face of Main Street, meant to enliven the activity on the streets.  In respect the surrounding neighborhood, the remaining three sides on the ground level have walk-up apartment units.  Additionally, the west side of the site streetscape is widened to create a mini-park for the community to enjoy.

Levels 2-6 will be comprised solely of apartment units.  A few of the amenities include a central courtyard on the second floor, designed to bring natural light to the inner ring of apartments, and a rooftop terrace that will provide a tremendous outdoor space for the residents to enjoy.