LSW In Africa

Located five kilometers outside the small village of Noepe, Togo in West Africa, the project will include a medical clinic, school building for three hundred K-12 students, and a University campus with staff and student housing.  LSW is helping to develop a master plan for the site and give input on building form and materials.

One of the most important aspects to the project is that the buildings on the new campus be accepted by the community.  Instead of being built in the style of Western architecture, the buildings are being constructed using local materials and manpower.  The intention is that the project will provide skills and jobs to the community as it develops.  The main building material will be mechanically compressed clay bricks to be made on site by local masons.  Because of the intense heat in the area, the roofs of the structures will be made of barrel vault arches with metal roofing above.  The metal roof is separated from the barrel vaults to provide a buffer for the heat entering the building.  The open ends of the barrel vaults allow any heat that does enter to escape the classrooms.

LSW is also working with Ten Talents, International on a youth center near Kigali, Rwanda.  In the end, the center will include four buildings.  The first phase will be the construction of a building with office, retail, classrooms, and housing.  Subsequent phases will build more housing and a café/kitchen.

While the ultimate goal is for the new center to provide a feeling of family to the kids staying there, it is also important for campus to be able to support itself.  The café/kitchen will provide jobs and a place to eat for the community.  Since water is expensive, rainwater harvesters will be used to capture water during the monsoon season.  LSW is also exploring other sustainable design features that will provide economic benefits.